Monday, 17 October 2022

 We know books.

So whatever you need and whatever you like, we can find the right read for you.

The Beckenham Bookshop has served you the good folk of Beckenham and it's surrounds for over fifty, sixty years (no-one is quite sure..!)
It's current incarnation run by a team of long serving and experienced booksellers from different backgrounds and a wide range of taste in genre and styles.
Between us we have years of experience and like to think we know a little bit of everything when it comes to books (what we don't know, we endeavor to find out!)

Although a small bookshop we have a great range of titles, lots of new releases, popular backlist titles and a great range of kids books to suit all ages and abilities

Our speedy customer order service is superb, most titles in print we get in next day!
If it's not on our shelves we aim to get it in your hands within 48 hours.
Plus we run a special order service and an out of print search service for all those pesky harder to find titles.

We have a large range of gorgeous cards to suit every taste, including lovely local watercolour scenes of the local area. We also have some nice nifty gifty bits, mugs, stationery, some toys and puzzles and other lovely things.

We run a great loyalty scheme for all customers.  School and business orders are very welcome and we can offer an invoice and discount service for larger orders, please ask in the bookshop for more info on this.

As part of the National Book Tokens scheme you can buy and exchange Book Tokens in store.

An independent bookshop on your high street

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