Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Local art shout out!

 So, this might backfire horribly but, if you are a local author or artist or creator and you have something to promote and you have a flyer or a poster max A4 size, stick it thru the #bookshop door and tomorrow I'll go stick them all in our #window

 This could be veeeeeeeeery interesting....

Tuesday, 3 November 2020


 Here we go again then!

We will be closed from Thursday 5th November for Lockdown the sequel: Winter Is Coming. 

We will ABSOLUTELY be back as soon as we are allowed to be. 

In the meantime find us on an online bookshop service which supports us and independent bookshops nationwide! Check it out, it's great!

I will be checking out the email and the answerphone but not everyday so please bear with. Will also be checking up on and getting some orders released as and when so watch this space for a few collection day dates (to be confirmed when). 

In the meantime, take care out there, stay safe, go slow and be kind. 


(Thank you for giving a monkeys enough to bother reading this.)